This course is a mentorship program where I do not personally get involved but the whole community. We have Slack Community that you can join when you enter into our course.

Also, we actually go in depth of how to overcome obstacles and the psychology of trading. Most people provide theories, but we hep you understand and put it into practice. If you have traded before and asked yourself why you're losing, we teach you why this happens and how to overcome them. Trading for 10+ years and I've never seen anyone help others do this. Most famous book you'll read for a glimpse of how trading psychology can help are Trading in the Zone and Daily Trading Coach.

I've struggled for the most part of my trading career, trying to understand myself and why I've failed miserably. I went beyond trading and learned from books, webinar, seminars, audiobooks. Psychology, personalities, philosophy, science, genetics, you name it. The more I realized how the human brain reacts in the market, the better trader I became. People don't realize how important it is to study, most people think about getting rich. While Doctors save lives, it takes them years to obtain knowledge and develop, refine their skills as they put it into practice. So, why should trading be any different? It shouldn't.

This course has a section in learning how to trade and training your brain. I believe this is crucial when you want to learn how to trade and become a better trader. You cannot miss and skip this step, most people provide general idea, or a simple advice, but don't walk and explain in specific details and situations. Most gurus out there might tell you some but not help you process the information, explain the situation, the behavior and the impact. Steps to overcome and refine your skills.